What Your Car’s Color Says About You

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Thinking about making a new vehicle purchase? The psychology of color reveals how your choice may reflect your personality.

You are what you drive. And when you choose the color for your new car, it’s actually a highly intimate act. Why?

Because your car mirrors your personality.

The psychology of color reveals more about you than you might consider. The colors we choose tell the world something about us.

Think about it. In movies, you’ve got big, musclebound characters driving Mustangs and Camaros and Challengers because they’re literally “muscle cars”.

But a vehicle’s body type is just part of the psychological spectrum. So what exactly does your car’s color say about you?

Psychology of Color
Colors can impact your moods, feelings and behavior. They tell us a lot about a person’s personality. And some colors have universal meaning.

Colors in the red area of the color spectrum – red, orange, yellow – are considered warm. They spur emotions that range from warmth and comfort to anger and hostility.

Cool colors, on the other hand, are on the blue side of the spectrum – blue, purple and green. They’re considered calm and cool colors, but they can also reflect sadness or indifference.

So how does that translate to the color of your car?

White is the most popular color for new-car buyers, making up 37% of cars sold. And if you drive a white vehicle, you probably value purity above all else.

Why is that?

Because white is reminiscent of clarity, cleanliness and sterility. This suggests you prefer simplicity over fanciness when it comes to your possessions.

Additionally, on a more brash note, your white car tells other people to keep their hands off and avoid dirtying or staining it. It’s about setting you apart from others.

Black is sophistication. It’s the color of class and glamor, of power and authority.

If you want or own a black car, you’re most likely a person of elegance and exclusivity. You look to portray confidence and sophistication.

Owning a black car also means you like to be in control.

Gray or Silver
If you drive a gray or silver car, you’re probably relaxed and have impeccable taste. You also don’t need to be noticed on the road – gray and silver are less flashy than most other cars out there.

These colors also encourage calmness more than other shades. They tend to appeal to those with busy lifestyles. Gray and silver hide grime and scratches better than most other colors.

Psychologists tell us red is about communicating energy, warmth and courage.

Additionally, red is the color of those who like to be in the spotlight. Red is bright and flashy, and since it’s the favorite color of speed demons everywhere, it attracts a lot of attention, both good and bad.

Blue cars range from light to dark shades. Their owners are usually calm and collected in driving style and day-to-day life.

Light blue cars are generally chosen by those who are friendly, trustworthy and dependable. But the darker the shade, the more confident and authoritative the owner will be.

People who drive green vehicles often have a strong sense of self. They don’t give a hoot what others think. They also tend to be gentle, patient and peace-loving.

Since there are fewer green cars , if you choose one, you care more about what you like than about popular trends. Outdoor lovers also prefer it since it is the color of nature.

If your car is yellow, you likely adhere to the old song lyric, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Yellow is the color of joy. Children and the young at heart tend to like bright colors for their toys, including vehicles.

People who drive yellow cars are often imaginative and with a good sense of humor. You also have a good head for business.

Orange is one of the least popular colors for new-car buyers. So bright orange declares that you like good value and to save money. You’re less concerned with pampering yourself or going with something more “mainstream.”

You’re also not afraid to be yourself and go with what you want. Popular trends are to be ignored, not catered to.

Bronze or Brown
A bronze or brown car is all about fiscal responsible. You’re not seduced by flashy colors or brand-new gadgets. Instead, you want something reliable and comfortable.

You’re also probably down-to-earth and concerned about safety and longevity. Which is why you focus on reliability.

Buy a Vehicle From Huber
Now that you’ve skimmed the psychology of color and know which color best fits your personality, it’s time to shop. Huber Cadillac can help you with that, we have a wide variety of beautiful color options available to fit your personality!

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