Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy a New Car

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Auto analysts will tell you it’s the best time to buy a new car. They aren’t wrong. With interest rates dipping, know why now is time to act.

Getting a new car at the right time can mean a lot in terms of savings.

Do you wonder what the best time to buy a vehicle is? Do you still debate whether to get used or new?

Auto analysts will tell you now is the best time to buy a new car. They aren’t wrong. With interest rates dipping, here’s why it’s time to act.

When it comes to style, there are many elegant new cars. There are fresh designs that promise more power. It’s the perfect time to buy a new model.

Advanced Technology

A new vehicle today comes with features like predictive automobile technology. Automobiles have many gadgets to communicate with smartphones.

This new technology also acts as a sensor. It notifies you when your car needs mechanical service.

Some new vehicles have automatic high-beam control. This automatically lights up and dims your high-beam headlights.

GPS vehicle tracking is an essential feature to tell you your car’s location. Other innovations like vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V) let cars communicate with each other.

This technology reduces traffic and car accidents. Your vehicle can be signaled by another car on your route to caution you about risky circumstances ahead.

V2V has the potential to eliminate as much as 80 percent of U.S. traffic accidents. The innovation might save as many as 33,000 lives yearly.

That’s about the number of people who die annually in road accidents in the U.S. Intelligent and connected technologies make driving more comfortable and much safer.

The biometric seat technology lets you manage typical road roughness and long periods behind the wheel. This makes your journeys, whatever their length, more comfortable and secure.

The biometric technology uses data from your palm sweat and facial expressions to identify if you’re worried and concerned. If you’re anxious or distracted, your vehicle will recommend you take a break from driving.

There are many innovations today you won’t find in used cars. New technology makes it safer to drive.

Improved Safety

If you’re driving a car from 1984, you have a 55 percent chance of being in a fatal accident. With a vehicle from 2002 to 2007, the risk decreases to 36 percent. A car from 2013 to 2017 reduces the risk of a fatal accident to 26 percent.

New tech also makes driving safer. New vehicles come with airbags, seatbelts, backup cameras and other features that maximize your safety.

The best option is to find new car with the technology like V2V communication tech. There are other safety features like forward collision warning (FCW).

FCW uses cameras or a laser to scan for vehicles ahead. You get an alert if you approach another car. FCW features automatic emergency braking (AEB).

AEB automatically brakes if you take too much time to react. Pedestrian detection uses both automatic emergency braking and forward-collision braking.

The system protects the drivers and pedestrians. Other safety features include rear cross-traffic alert, active head restraints, lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist.

Since 2018, all light-duty cars come with backup cameras. The rear-view camera helps you to park or reverse your vehicle.

For example, the Cadillac XT4 has many safety features. These include:

  • Safety alert seat
  • Safety alert seat
  • Forward collision warning and many more
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Rear parking sensors


Buying a new car has compelling incentives. Buying a new vehicle might help you save money. You save more cash if you:

  • Select the right new vehicle
  • Bargain to get a great deal
  • Use the vehicle for an extended period

It’s better to buy a reliable new car than a used one. The used vehicle might break down sooner.

The perfect time to buy a new vehicle is usually December. It’s when the best deals are often available. December 31st is the right time. You can negotiate and get a large discount.

If you can’t wait until December, try during the last week of a quarter. You’ll find great deals the last day that week. The last days include:

  • March 31st
  • June 30th
  • September 30th
  • December 31st

But you can still negotiate prices at the end of any month. Remember, you may end up using extra money if you deal with used cars.


There are many advantages of buying a new car including;

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saves money

These advantages make new vehicles more reliable than older ones. When you buy a car, assure you get one with high-quality engineering.


A new vehicle offers reliability. But it can also break down due to mechanical problems.

The primary advantage of a new car is the warranty. If your car breaks down, you don’t suffer additional repair costs.

New cars have better warranties than used vehicles. A used Cadillac dealership may guarantee 12,000 miles or 12 months of coverage. But a new car has a three-year warranty. Often, it includes a 36,000-mile warranty.


When you buy a car, consider the fuel economy. Today, there are more new fuel-efficient vehicles.

Due to the erratic prices of gasoline, automobile manufacturers came up with fuel-efficient cars. You save more fuel money on a new vehicle than an old one.

You can get a hybrid, an all-electric EV or a plug-into the new-car market. These cars also have fewer emissions compared to older ones.

Buy Now

Now’s the best time to buy a new car because of technological advances. You can’t find the most desirable features in used vehicles. Call us today at (402) 238-1729 if you want to find the best new car to fit your needs.

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