The Cadillac EV SUV: Will It Be Right for You?

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Are you wondering if the Cadillac EV SUV might be the right vehicle for you? Keep reading to learn more about the features of the Cadillac EV SUV.

Did you know that dozens of countries and most automakers are setting deadlines for the phaseout of combustion vehicles? Many of these deadlines are only a decade or two away, making it seem like the future is sure coming up on us fast! As the future of automobiles races upon us, you might be wondering; which EV is right for me?

Among the many luxury EVs coming out, the obvious frontrunner would be the Cadillac EV SUV, the Lyriq. Cadillac’s SUV of the future continues the company’s long running tradition of offering intricately designed luxury vehicles, but in a more economically and ecologically-friendly way!

You’re likely wondering, is Cadillac SUV the right EV for me? Read on to learn about the benefits of owning a Lyriq and some of the perks of owning a Cadillac!

Easier on the Environment and Easier on your Wallet

Did you know that EVs are half as expensive as combustion vehicles? Take the Cadillac Lyriq, GM’s advanced Ultium Drive System provides the same power as a conventional gas motor but without as many components. This includes environmentally unfriendly, expendable parts like filters!

Thanks to the transition to cheaper, renewable energy, your electric bill will be cheaper in the coming years. This means that any impact on your home’s electric bill will be reduced over time.

Because the Ultium Drive is streamlined compared to a traditional combustion motor, the Lyriq requires less maintenance. This translates to less overhead in the long run. Not only does the Lyriq lack emissions, but it also requires fewer chemicals which means less ground and water pollution.

Fantastic Range and Fast-Charges at Public Stations

Powered by a cutting-edge battery, the Ultium Drive provides the Lyriq with an impressive range on par or even superior to most of Cadillac’s existing fleet. For fans of Cadillac’s existing lines, such as the Escalade, this means that transitioning into a Cadillac EV would be seamless.

The Lyriq has a range of 300 miles on a full charge, 100 miles over the current EV average. This range means you likely won’t have to charge your new SUV more than once a week or more than a few times on a long trip. With its beefy 19.2 kW onboard charging unit, the Lyriq can reach full capacity in five hours at home.

If you’re using a public charging station, the Lyriq can charge at 190 kW. That translates to about 76 miles per 10 minutes of charge. In a half-hour shopping trip, you could put well over 200 miles back on your Lyriq’s range!

A Gorgeous 21st Century Interior

The Lyriq’s performance is impressive, and so is the interior.  The cabin of this luxury SUV blends modern technology and Cadillac’s signature luxury aesthetic.

You will feel like you’re sitting in the captain’s seat of a starship with the Lyriq’s 33-inch touch screen. The screen provides a seamless interface for driving, navigation, and entertainment. With the automotive industry’s highest pixel density and broadest color spectrum, the Lyriq’s display is quite unmatched.

Thanks to adaptive soundproofing, every ride with the Lyriq is peaceful and serene. Not in the mood for quiet reflection? Pair your smartphone and play your favorite music through the SUV’s 19-speaker surround sound system.

A Truly Smart SUV

The Lyriq represents the cutting edge of automotive technology. Featuring Cadillac’s Super Cruise, drivers can take a break on highway drives and allow their Lyriq to steer itself for a bit! With on-demand lane changing, simply flick on your indicator, and your Lyriq will merge when safe to do so.

The Lyriq also features remote self-parking, allowing your Lyriq to handle the hassle of finding a spot. Have trouble with a particularly painful parallel parking situation? Lyriq can parallel park just as easily as it can park in a regular spot.

Did Someone Say Tax Credits and Incentives?

Given how new EVs are, they can be expensive. However, the Federal Government is willing to help defray costs with an Electric Vehicle Tax Credit. The credit will help further reduce your overhead, making the Lyriq that much more of a lucrative investment.

The average tax credit ranges from $2,500 to $7,500, depending on a few factors. The Cadillac Lyriq price begins at $60,000. Factoring in cost savings, a well-financed Lyriq could potentially pay for itself!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Cadillac EV SUV, see what’s on offer in your state. Many state and local governments offer targeted incentives, ranging from discounts on registration to rebates. Some states also offer their own tax credits!

Get Rewarded for Your Cadillac EV SUV!

You read that header correctly; Cadillac wants to reward you just for driving their cars! If a tax credit towards your new Cadillac EV doesn’t help reduce your overhead, getting points towards free services at your dealership certainly will. You can even earn rewards just for buying your Lyriq (of course, make sure you sign up ahead of your purchase!)

You will earn 21,000 points for signing up and buying your Lyriq. Then you’ll receive points for paid dealer services, as well as any parts and accessories you purchase through your dealer. Not only can these be put towards services and parts from your dealer, but they can also be applied towards certain On-Star and Connected Service plans.

With My Cadillac Rewards, just taking care of your new Lyriq will help reduce your overhead costs even more!!

Is the Lyriq Right for You?

With a perfect blending of luxury, “fuel” economy, technology, and environmental friendliness, the Lyriq is a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle for the future. Of course, the tax credits and special rewards available just for owning a Cadillac EV SUV make your potential new SUV that much more amazing!

If you’ve decided that the Lyriq would look fantastic in your driveway in 2023, get in touch with Huber Cadillac today at (402) 238-1729! Huber Cadillac of Omaha is a family-owned business dedicated to providing excellent, professional service. With a staff of passionate Cadillac enthusiasts, you can be assured that your new EV will have an entire team behind it!


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