Summer Pet Travel Tips

July 17th, 2017 by

Summer time is the perfect time to hop in the car with your favorite furry friend and head to someplace scenic. We here at Huber Cadillac want your very best summer adventures to be fun-filled, sun-kissed, and safe. We’ve gotten five great tips to help with your pet travels!

1. Make sure you have enough room in your carrier. There are plenty of wire mesh, hard plastic, or soft-sided carriers available. Just make sure whatever you go with has enough room for your pet to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around in. Also helpful-get them acclimated to the carrier in the comfort of home, first.

2. Test out your pet travels with short rides first. Gradually increasing distance helps pets to be comfortable and trusting of travel in cars.

3. Feed your pets a few hours before leaving. Your furry friends will travel better with a belly full. Also, don’t ever feed a pet while in a moving vehicle, as it can be stressful and messy.

4. Pack a thorough travel kit: waste scoop, plenty of food, bowl, leash, toys, and a first-aid kit are a must for many travels.

5. Finally, especially during the summer time: do not leave your pet unattended in a vehicle. It only takes 20 minutes in 70 degree weather to turn the interior of a car into a 90+degree hot box! Always have plenty of water on hand to cool off after a long ride too.

Traveling with your pets is a great summertime activity. We here at Huber Cadillac are happy to provide a great selection of vehicles to get you where you want to escape to this summer. Come by today and see what Huber has to offer.

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