Everything You Need to Know About the Cadillac CT6

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Are you thinking about buying a Cadillac CT6?

You might have heard this car is the future of luxury automobiles. But we’re sure you don’t know everything about the Cadillac CT6 yet. Once you learn just what makes this car so special, you’ll make plans to visit your local Cadillac dealership today!

We’ll show you everything you need to know about this special Cadillac and how a Cadillac CT6 will change your life.

What’s Special About the Cadillac CT6?

This sleek, stylish model meets all the requirements for Cadillac-level luxury. Its most exciting thing feature is the “Super Cruise” option. It puts this vehicle among the closest to a self-driving car currently on the market.

This option is offered as a stand-alone on cars with the premium luxury trim package. It’s standard on the high-end Platinum models.

This complete autopilot option was revamped and reintroduced after Tesla’s model led autopilot systems to be temporarily shut down. The technology is even more advanced.

Of course, the CT6 isn’t completely self-driving. In fact, the auto-pilot system has several strict regulations to help drivers stay safe. But many drivers love the convenience of an auto-pilot equipped car, and the CT6 makes it accessible.

How can you use this self-driving feature? Let’s take a look.

1. On Highways Only

The self-driving system only works when you’re on a completely lidar-mapped, limited-access, divided highway. These highways are currently only in Canada and the U.S.

You can also use certain limited parts of highways that go between crossings and on-ramps, such as Highway 101 in California.
On the top right of the car’s central speedometer, you’ll see a steering wheel icon appear when the function is available. Just push the Super Cruise button. The car locks itself into the lane’s center and the light bar atop the steering wheel turns green.

2. Stay Attentive

The car has built-in functions to make sure you keep your eyes on the road.

At the top of the steering wheel, infrared emitters light up your face and head while you drive. Meanwhile, a camera on the steering column tracks the position of your head and eyes. It uses infrared capabilities to detect this even at night.

If you look away for less than 15 seconds, the system flashes green and red lights, makes a sound, vibrates your seat and finally gives a vocal warning.

If that doesn’t work, the vehicle stops itself in the lane it’s in, puts on hazard lights and calls for help from OnStar.

After all this, if you retake control of the car, the Super Cruise system keeps you locked out until you stop and restart the car again.

The CT6 has sensors to tell that your hands are on the wheel, without you moving the steering wheel to let it know you’re in control. That was an issue with some other lane-keep assist programs.

3. Change Lanes Yourself

The Super Cruise feature only works in the center of the designated lane. If you need to swerve to avoid an obstacle or to change lanes, that’s your responsibility.

However, the car offers assistance with blind spot monitoring. Once you signal, you need to overcome just a bit of resistance from the steering wheel to steer into the lane you want.

While you take over, the light bar on top of the steering wheel turns blue. Once you’ve centered the car in your new lane, the light turns back to green as Super Cruise takes over.

4. Use in Safe Weather

The Super Cruise system has several ways to track your car’s position. This includes cameras on the front and sides, radar and GPS, and GM’s map database.

The camera, radar, and other functions can be compromised by severe weather like heavy snow or rain. These conditions block visibility of lane markings and can even block the radar or GPS.

If his happens, you need to take control of the Cadillac CT6. However, the system will continue to use whatever sensors still work.

In tunnels, the system can’t access GPS, but the map keeps Super Cruise going for up to a mile inside a tunnel. After that, you need to take control.

5. Take Care in Construction Zones

The Cadillac CT6 manual warns you the system isn’t designed for use in construction zones. But as long as lanes are clearly marked and travel is only on the road’s main surface, the system works fine.

But you’ll need to take control if there’s any deviation from the lane, even if it’s clearly marked.

6. Enjoy Curve Speed Control

While in Super Cruise mode, the car uses the map to see if a curve would be dangerous or uncomfortable at the current speed. If so, the car automatically slows through the turn.

7. Choose Your Cruise

Even when you’re not on a highway where you can use Super Cruise, you can choose between regular and adaptive cruise control. Just hold down the Cancel switch to change between modes.

Ready to Try a Cadillac CT6?

While we await completely self-driving cars to hit the market, this Cadillac model offers the closest thing to self-driving capabilities on the market.

In addition to the exciting Super Cruise feature, the CT6 is a great all-around luxury car that offers everything you need, plus plenty of things you want.

Are you ready to give a CT6 a try? If you’re still not sure, check out the top benefits for Cadillac owners here.

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