Cadillac Models vs Lexus: Comparing the Differences

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Are you wondering what the big difference is between Cadillac models and Lexus models? Read on and learn more about the differences here.

In 2019, the luxury car market was around $450 billion globally. The growth of luxury cars stems from manufacturers adjusting to recent changes in the car industry.

More people are leaning towards all-electric and pre-owned cars. For those reasons, luxury car dealers are catering towards electric model designs and are offering more options for purchasing used cars.

Cadillac models are at the forefront of helping lead this change. In the upcoming year, they are expecting the release of an all-electric SUV and sedan.

Lexus models are often compared to Cadillacs when looking at price, function, design, and reliability. If you are wondering what some of the key differences are between Lexus and Cadillac models, then keep reading.

Cadillac Models

Cadillac has started the process of redesigning future cars. The president of the company has recently spoken out about some of the characteristics drivers will see in future Cadillac vehicles.

The stand-out features include Super Cruise, OLED, and a new digital platform. These features are seen on display in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade. The Escalade is arguably one of Cadillac’s most prominent cars on the market and helps dictate what future Cadillac cars might have in terms of features.

The new model draws focus on its 38-inch OLED screen, quality stereo system, and Super Cruise program.

What Is Super Cruise?

One of the biggest defining factors of Cadillac vehicles is its updated safety features. The Super Cruise technology is a Level Two automated car. There are no cars on the market today that are at the highest level (Level Five) for self-driving.

Level Two programs are some of the most technologically advanced, semi-automated cars that you will see. However, the Super Cruise technology is somewhat limited. GM has designed it so that Super Cruise can only be used on certain highways and freeways.

Some of the benefits drivers might notice from engaging Super Cruise are:

  • Lane centering
  • Traffic recognition/response
  • Automated acceleration
  • Automated braking
  • Lane changes

While some brands, such as Tesla, pride themselves on having self-driving technology available in more areas, it is not always the safest route. The technology that Tesla uses is not necessarily more advanced than GM, but rather, GM is taking a more cautious approach to it.

In fact, test drivers found that the Super Cruise technology either excelled or rivaled Tesla’s self-driving technology. For example, in lane centering and vehicle recognition, the Super Cruise technology responded more accurately and reliably than others.

Additionally, Cadillac beats out other luxury brands outside of Tesla in offering automated lane change. Super Cruise’s careful approach in bridging the gap between automated and human driving goes even further with advanced visual recognition and sensors. It will determine if the person behind the wheel is paying attention and holding the wheel before turning off.

Lexus Models

Lexus is another luxury brand that prides itself in updated technological features and designs, similar to Cadillac. They emphasize a newly redesigned infotainment center, touchpad interface, and free weather or traffic updates.

Lexus tends to lag behind other competitors in upgraded model designs. It does boast better durability than most luxury cars though. In 2019, a 1996 Lexus model made it past one million miles.

Earlier this year, automated technology was finally announced. Toyota has been slightly behind its competitors in releasing comparable technology to Tesla and GM.

Toyota, and its Lexus sister brand, have implemented the “Lexus Teammate.” This is installed in Lexus LS sedans and includes:

  • Automatic acceleration
  • Automatic braking
  • Lane changes
  • Automated steering

Like other car brands, Lexus cars do not have a fully automated system and the driver needs to remain engaged at all times. The new system will also offer free updates to users.

Cadillac vs Lexus

When comparing the two, it might be easy to assume Cadillac has the edge based on its Super Cruise technology. However, the field has evened out a bit after Lexus introduced the Lexus Teammate.

One of the difficulties in assuming that the Lexus Teammate rivals the Super Cruise technology is that it is only available in Japan at the moment. Lexus has plans for introducing the technology in its U.S. markets soon though.

Since there are limitations in comparing the two technologies, it is still safe to assume that Tesla and GM have some of the most reliable semi-automated systems on the market today.

In general, Lexus has been known for better comfort, legroom, and headroom in comparison to Cadillac. However, Lexus also tends to have higher prices than Cadillac with similar models.

Some people might find that sacrificing a bit of comfort for thousands of dollars in savings is worth it. Cadillac also fairs better overall in miles per gallon and provides users the options for all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. On the contrary, Lexus cars usually only offer front-wheel drive.

Cadillac Escalade vs Lexus LX

In comparing two popular car models from each brand, Cadillac edges out its competitor as far as prices go. Car buyers can expect almost $10,000 in savings.

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade also boasted better cargo space, three rows of seating, and better handling. They both had poor fuel economy, but the Lexus LX suffered in terms of cargo space and steering control.

The Cadillac had a towing capacity that outshined Lexus 8,200 pounds to 7,000 pounds. Overall, the only category that U.S. News ranked Lexus slightly higher on was for reliability scores.

Performance Matters

When choosing your new luxury car, you want to make sure that you are purchasing something you love and that can handle the road conditions with ease. Cadillac’s redesigned technology for semi-automated driving makes driving seamless.

Additionally, Cadillac models have edged out Lexus as far as comfort and cargo space are concerned. If a new Cadillac interests you, then check out our line-up of new models, call us at (402) 238-1729, and let one of our qualified agents help you find your next luxury vehicle.

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